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About Allex Wilson

Hello! I'm Allex Wilson and here's a little information about who I am! I was born and raised in Emporia, Kansas and have always loved this community. It makes my day to be able to go anywhere in town and see a friendly familiar face. I have previously worked as a Production Supervisor at the Hostess plant, and as a teenager I delivered newspapers to homes that I now show and sell! I am incredibly familiar with Emporia as a whole. I graduated from Emporia High in 2012, and attended ESU shortly after. I am dedicated to making the process of buying and/or selling property as stress free as possible. I consider myself very passionate about meeting the needs of those who come to me and fully committing to any task received. Meeting new people is something I love and I am greatly looking forward to creating many more friendly familiar faces throughout the community by being a part of the real estate business. Some of my interests include playing guitar, going to the gym, riding my bike, and spending time with friends and family. I hope to hear from you soon! Give me a call, or send a message. Thank you!